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[00:00.00]人人听力网(rrting.net)Chapter 12    Bidding Farewell and Seeing off.
[00:05.17]At a Farewell Dinner
[00:08.25]Professional Terms
[00:10.53]smart      a.
[00:11.68]perfect         a.
[00:12.83]pity      v. & n
[00:14.13]cooperation          n.
[00:16.27]everlasting                a.
[00:18.47]thumb                 n & vt
[00:19.88]forefinger               n.
[00:21.58]Good morning, Mr.White, I'm glad you've come.
[00:25.68]Good evening, Mr.Yang, It's very kind of you to invite me to dinner tonight.
[00:33.36]Sit down , please, The dinner will be ready in a few minutes.
[00:38.58]You look really smart tonight in these clothes, It fits you perfectly.
[00:44.72]Thank you.
[00:45.82]It's a pity that you're leaving us to tomorrow.
[00:48.98]I'm sorry to leave you too.
[00:51.54]Hope you'll vist Guangzhou  AGAIN,
[00:54.20]Sure .
[00:55.72]Now the dinner is ready .Mr.White. Please come to the table.Take a seat here ,please.
[01:02.93]Thanks, How delicious the food is!
[01:06.46]Mr.White here is to our friendly cooperation.
[01:10.66]To your health and to your everlasting friendship.
[01:14.32]Here is a knife for you.
[01:15.78]No, thanks.I'd like to try to use chopsticks, today, so that when I go back I can show my wife how ot use them.
[01:25.94]Good , Here are two chopsticks for you.
[01:30.49]Thanks .Show me how to use them ,OK?
[01:34.59]Yes, Hold the two sticks between the thumb and the forefinger like this.
[01:41.77]Let me have a try.
[01:43.29]Right .You are right.Don't talk only. Help yourself to whatever you like.
[01:52.07]Thanks,I very much appreciate verything you've done for me.
[01:57.24]I wish I could repay you somehow.
[02:00.71]Don't mention it. I wish you a pleasant journey.
[02:04.45]And don't forget to keep in touch.
[02:07.56]Sure ,May we meet again some day.
[02:11.37]So do I .
[02:14.58]At the Hotel
[02:16.44]Professional Terms
[02:18.21]marvelous            a,
[02:19.83]remind             vt.
[02:21.51]kindness            n.
[02:23.49]considerate            a.
[02:25.19]It's very nice of you to come and see me off, Mr. Yang.
[02:28.72]Not at all, We are sorry to see you go.
[02:32.82]I hate leaving you too.
[02:34.85]Here is something I'd like you to keep as a souvenir.
[02:39.29]Thank you. I'll open it ,Oh, it is a Chinese painting , It's really marvelous, the horses are so nice.
[02:51.08]I'm glad you like it.
[02:53.30]Did you draw it yourself?
[02:55.07]Yes, I drew it last night I hope it can remind you of me and of our friendship.
[03:07.19]I don't know how to thank you for your kindness.
[03:11.40]I'm so glad to have it to remember my time here.
[03:16.57]Mr. Yang, I've got something for you, too. Please accept this little present as a souvenir from me.
[03:25.71]Oh, it's a book ,How nice it is ! Thank you very much.
[03:33.89]Whenever I read it, I am sure I will always miss you.
[03:39.14]I'm glad to hear that.
[03:40.81]Here is your plane ticket.
[03:43.03]The plane will take off at 10:30 tomorrow morning.
[03:46.32]And I will drive a car to pick you up at 8:00 .Please get everything ready before that.
[03:54.50]You are so considerate and helpful.
[03:57.35]Is there anything else I can do for you?
[04:00.51]No, thanks, I've given you too much trouble.
[04:05.32]No trouble at all, Now I'm leaving ,so you can have a good rest, See you tomorrow.
[04:14.51]See you tomorrow.
[04:17.72]Dialogue     3   Have a Pleasant Trip
[04:21.83]Professional Terms
[04:24.49]overweight        n.
[04:26.68]excess        a.
[04:28.83]departure          n.
[04:30.00]lounge             n.
[04:31.54]imagine          vt.
[04:33.16]It's very kind of you to come all the way to see me off, Mr. Zhu?
[04:38.23]Not at all, Have you checked in?
[04:41.47]No, not yet.
[04:43.14]Now ,let's go through the customs, This way please.
[04:50.35]May I have your ticket?
[04:54.66]Fill in the Customs Declaration Form and send your baggage to be checked, please.
[05:03.02]Put your baggage on the scales, please .How many bags do you have?
[05:10.15]Two, bags.
[05:13.26]This one is overweight ,I'm afraid there'll be an excess baggage charge.
[05:18.51]How much is it then?
[05:21.67]Fifty yuan.
[05:23.81]Here you are.
[05:26.97]Here is your receipt, And here are your ticket and your boarding pass.
[05:35.15]Let's go to the departure lounge to have a rest.
[05:41.52]Have you got something to read on the flight?
[05:45.21]Yes, I have got some magazines to read.
[05:48.42]I'm really sorry to see you go. We've got on well with each other. I'm going to miss you.
[06:00.23]Me, too, You can imagine how sorry I am to leave you all.
[06:05.45]Listen! It's announcing the departure of your flight.
[06:10.63]Right ! I've to go now, Hope to see you again.
[06:16.22]Take care .Write to me wherenever you have time.
[06:20.34]Sure, Thanks, Good-bye.
[06:24.03]Good-bye, Have a pleasant trip.
[06:30.32]have you checked in?
[06:33.87]I'm afraid there'll be an excess baggage charge.
[06:37.04]Boarding pass
[06:38.58]The departure lounge
[06:40.64]Have a pleasant trip
[06:42.83]Tips On Reception of Foreigners
[06:45.50]Good morning.
[06:46.83]Good afternoon.
[06:47.98]Good evening
[06:52.06]Fine, thank you and you?
[06:54.17]Mr.Smith this is Mr. Green.
[06:57.25]I'm glad to see you ( Happy to meet you.)
[07:01.43]I've heard a lot about you from Mr. Baker.
[07:06.06]How do you do?
[07:09.22]My name is Zhang.
[07:11.41]Good-bye ( Bye-bye, bye)
[07:15.98]So long.
[07:18.13]See you later
[07:20.24]See you tomorrow.
[07:22.44]I'll be seeing you.
[07:23.66]Have a nice day.
[07:25.44]Good morning.(day, night)
[07:29.12]Please remeber me to your family.
[07:32.34]Thanks (Thank you, Thanks a lot)
[07:37.51]Thank you very much.
[07:40.72]It's very kind of you.
[07:43.44]Not at all.
[07:45.63]You're welcome .
[07:47.25]It's my please.
[07:49.37]Don't mention it
[07:50.62]I'm sorry.(Sorr
[07:53.78]I beg your pardon.( Pardon m
[07:58.88]Please forgive m
[08:01.10]Excuse m
[08:03.32]Oh, that's all righ
[08:05.83]Don't worry about i
[08:07.44]Oh, never min
[08:09.06]Not at al
[08:10.53]It's nothing.(It's quite all right
[08:13.90]May I interrupt yo
[08:16.61]Oh, but I
[08:19.10]Now ,just listen to m
[08:21.32]That quite all right, bu
[08:23.72]I'm sorry ,I'm afrai
[08:26.07]No, I don't mean tha