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§ Lesson 26 Wanted: a large biscuit tin 征购大饼干筒
【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●influence v. 影响
●pride v. 骄傲
●taste n. 鉴赏力
●exert v. 施加
●subtle adj. 微妙的,难以捉摸的
●advertiser n. 做广告的人
●classify v. 分类
●magic adj. 有奇妙作用的
●sample n. 样品
●devise v. 设计,想出
●capture v. 吸引,赢得
●manufacturer n. 生产厂家,制造商
●wheelbarrow n. 独轮手推车
●boot n. (汽车尾部的)行李箱
●ingredient n. 配料
●crane n. 起重机
●anticipate v. 预期,预料

■influence v. 影响
have effect on
Eg.: Literature and art have great influence of people’s idelogy.
Don’t be influenced by bad examples.
under the influence of受…影响
Eg.: We are under the influnce of advertisements.
have influence over sb 有左右某人的能力
Eg.: A teacher has influence over his students.
exercise influence on sb's behalf 为某人而尽力
on sb's behalf 为某人的利益
Eg.: The boss exercises influence on his employee’s behalf.
区别:influence / affect
affect: 对......产生不良影响
Eg.: The bad examples will affect a lot number of students .
influential adj.有影响力的

■pride v. 骄傲
pride vt. & n.
pride oneself on 为…感到骄傲、夸耀=take pride in / be proud of
Eg.:He prided himself on his driving skill.
pride n.
in the pride of 处于最佳状态(顶峰)
Eg: She is still young and in the pride of her beauty.
put one’s pride in one’s pocket:控制自尊心

■taste n. 鉴赏力
Eg.: She has excellent taste in dress.
have excellent taste in sth 在…上有极高的品位
a taste of 尝一口,尝一点
Eg: Oh,let me have a taste of your coffee.
in good taste: 文雅,得体
Eg: The beautiful girl is in good taste.
in bad taste: 庸俗,不得体
taste: 有什么的味道
to one's taste: 合某人的口味,称某人的心愿
Eg: He did what he wanted to do to his taste.
There is accounting for taste. 人各有所好。
He who has never tasted bitter knows not what is sweet.不知黄连苦怎知蜂蜜甜呢。
tastabel 可品尝的
tasteful 有鉴赏力的
tasteless 没有味道的,乏味的
taste blindness 味盲
taste maker 时尚的首创者
Eg.: Are you taste maker?

■exert v. 施加
exert sth on sb 对某人施加…(压力)
Eg.: His wife exerted a lot of pressure on him to change his job.
He likes to exert his authority on us.
exert oneself 努力,尽力
Eg.: He never exerted himself to study hard.
exert every effort 尽一切努力
exertion n.

■subtle adj. 微妙的,难以捉摸的
Eg.: Advertisements exert subtle influence on us.
subtle 敏感的,敏锐的
Eg.: He is a subtle observer.
subtly adv.微妙地,敏锐地
subtleness == subtlety

■advertiser n. 做广告的人
advertise: 做广告
advertisement 广告

■classify v. 分类
Eg.: The books have been classified according to subjects.
classification n.
classified adj. 分类的,机密的
classifiable adj. 可分类的
classifier n. 分类者

■magic adj. 有奇妙作用的
■sample n. 样品
■devise v. 设计,想出
■capture v. 吸引,赢得
Eg.: His wonderful performance captured my attention.
capture 捕获,俘获
Eg.: The police captured the two thieves.
■manufacturer n. 生产厂家,制造商
■wheelbarrow n. 独轮手推车
■boot n. (汽车尾部的)行李箱
■ingredient n. 配料
■crane n. 起重机
■anticipate v. 预期,预料
anticipate / except
anticipate : 预料到
Eg.: Our attack failed because the enemy anticipated.
Eg.:We anticipated the enemy would try to cross the river, so we decided to destory the bridge.
except: 期待,希望某事发生(不能表示“预料到”这一含义);期待,指望,anticipate ==except
Eg.: I am not expecting any trouble.
We are anticipating ( excepting ) a large crowd of people at tonight’s meeting.
He is the man who is always anticipating trouble.
Eg.: The students are anticipating a wonderful vocation.

§ Lesson 26 Wanted: a large biscuit tin 征购大饼干筒
Listen to the tape then answer the question below.
Who won the prize for the biggest biscuit?
No one can avoid being influenced by advertisements. Much as we may pride ourselves on our good taste, we are no longer free to choose the things we want, for advertising exerts a subtle influence on us. In their efforts to persuade us to buy this or that product, advertisers have made a close study of human nature and have classified all our little weaknesses.
Advertisers discovered years ago that all of us love to get something for nothing. An advertisement which begins with the magic word FREE can rarely go wrong. These days, advertisers not only offer free samples but free cars, free houses, and free trips round the world as well. They devise hundreds of competitions which will enable us to win huge sums of money. Radio and television have made it possible for advertisers to capture the attention of millions of people in this way.
During a radio programme, a company of biscuit manufacturers once asked listeners to bake biscuits and send them to their factory. They offered to pay $10 a pound for the biggest biscuit baked by a listener. The response to this competition was tremendous. Before long, biscuits of all shapes and sizes began arriving at the factory. One lady brought in a biscuit on a wheelbarrow. It weighed nearly 500 pounds. A little later, a man came along with a biscuit which occupied the whole boot of his car. All the biscuits that were sent were carefully weighed. The largest was 713 pounds. It seemed certain that this would win the prize. But just before the competition closed, a lorry arrived at the factory with a truly colossal biscuit which weighed 2,400 pounds. It had been baked by a college student who had used over 1,000 pounds of flour, 800 pounds of sugar, 200 pounds of fat, and 400 pounds of various other ingredients. It was so heavy that a crane had to be used to remove it from the lorry. The manufacturers had to pay more money than they had anticipated, for they bought the biscuit from the student for $24,000.



Advertisements always exert influence on everybody.
No one ,avoid, 双重否定
No students can avoid being influenced by their teachers.

本课重点句型:Much as we may pride ourselves on our good taste, we are no longer free to choose the things we want, for advertising exerts a subtle influence on us.
让步状语从句,though, although
as引导让步状语从句,句子要采用倒装形式( adj. / adv. / n. / v.用在as之前)
1.adj. + as + 主语+ 谓语
Rich as he is, he is not happy.
Tired as I was, I try to help them.
2.adv. (much ) + as + 从句
Much as I like you, I will not marry you.
Much as I hate do it, I must stay home and study English.虽然我不愿意这么做,但我今晚必须呆在家里学习英语。
3.v. + as + 主语 + 助动词
Try as they may, they will never succeed.即使他们很努力,但他们不会成功。
Object as my parents may, I decide to do it.不管我父母怎样反对,我都决定要这样做。


1. n. (U) 努力,竭尽全力 (需要花费脑力和体力的事情)
Eg.: It took a lot of effort to lift the box.
A great deal of effort has gone into this exhibition.
2. n. (C) 努力,竭尽全力 make every effort
Eg.: We are making every effort to study English.
in one’s effort to do:为了干好某事,在干好某事的努力过程当中
Eg.: The company is selling off some of its buildings in their efforts to save money.
In their efforts to learn English well, they spend a lot of time.

make a close (careful ) study:对什么做了仔细的研究
Advertisers make every effort in order to sell their products.

The first paragraph is really wonderful, you’d better keeping your mind

Advertisers discovered years ago that all of us love to get something for nothing.

get something for nothing ( free ): 免费得到……

The big bell rare goer wrong.

these days: 目前

not only…but…as well……不仅……而且……

devise: 设计
Eg.: They have devised the best way to have the party.

enable sb. to do: 使某人能够做某事
Eg.: Hard work will enable you to pass the examinaiton, otherwise, no way.

Radio and television have made it possible for advertisers to capture the attention of millions of people in this way.
make it possible for sb to do sth 使……可能
Eg.: His fwe material possessions make it possible for him to move from place to place with ease.
The money he won made it possible for him to make a tour around the world.

capture(catch, receive, arrest, draw) the attention of sb 吸引某人注意力

熟记:The response to this competition was tremendous.
responce = reaction: 反映
before long = soon, shortly
biscuits of all shapes (sizes ), shoes of all sizes
occupy = take up, 占据

It seemed certain that...
注意:用it 做形式主语表示肯定时,要用certain,而不能用sure.
We are sure / certain...
It is certain...
closed = ended
remove = load

【Multiple choice questions】
1 What among other things enables advertisers to sell a product more easily?
a. Knowing that we will buy anything provided it tastes good.
b. Giving every customer something free with each product he buys.
c. Having so many free things all over the world to tempt people with.
d. Having radio and television at their disposal to promote their products.

2 The people who entered the competition did so because _____ .
a. they wanted to get something for nothing
b. they hoped by winning easily to cover the cost of the baking ingredients
c. they hoped to receive the prize money of $24,000
d. the manufacturers had offered free biscuits to anyone who entered

3 What had the manufacturers failed to anticipate?
a. The number of people who would take an interest in the competition.
b. The number of ingredients required to bake a large biscuit with.
c. That it was possible to bake a biscuit as large as the student’s.
d. That there was time to bake a huge biscuit before the competition closed.

4 _____ of our good taste, we are no longer ...(ll.1-2)
a. So proud may we be b. Although we may pride ourselves a great deal
c. Proud as we may be d. Pride ourselves as we may

5 ----discovered years ago that all of us _____ something for nothing. (ll.7-8)
a. are loving to get b. love getting c. love to be getting d. love when we get

6 An advertisement can rarely go wrong _____ with the magic word FREE. (l.8)
a. which begins b. to begin c. if it will begin d. what begins

7 It was nearly 500 pounds _____ . (l.15)
a. weighed b. weighing c. in weight d. of weight
in length, in height, in width, in depth, in weight

8 It was so heavy that a crane _____ from the lorry. (ll.20-21)
a. did they need remove it b. they needed to remove it
c. was needed to have removed it d. was needed to have it removed

9 ----in their efforts to persuade us to buy _____ .(l.4)
a. one or other product b. that or this product c. some product or other d. a product or two
some... or other == this... or that

10 The _____ to this competition was tremendous. (ll.13-14)
a. answer b. reply c. attraction d. reaction
response 表示反映,反响的时候,与reaction的意义最近,通常可以换用。

11 ----with a biscuit which _____ the boot of his car. (l.16)
a. took complete possession of b. took up all the space in
c. completely covered d. on the whole filled
occupy的同义词take up

12 The manufacturers had to pay more money than they _____ ... (ll.21-22)
a. expected b. hoped c. intended d. wished

【Key to Multiple choice questions】
1. D 2. A 3. C 4. C 5. B 6. A 7. C 8. D 9. C 10. D 11. B 12. A